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Staco Travel Accident Related Risks Insurance Scheme

The Product

Worried by this realization, Staco decided to package "Travel Accident Related Risks Insurance Scheme" (TARRIS) which addresses the following risks associated with air, road, rail and sea travels:

  • Payment of compensation for accidental death
  • Payment of compensation for permanent disability or partial disability.
  • Payment for loss of luggage up to a specified amount
  • Payment for medical expenses following accident

The Features

  • It provides insurance only when it is needed.
  • It covers all the travels embarked upon by the subscriber through any means of transportation including "Okada"
  • It covers movement within Nigeria. The proceeds can serve as immediate cash to prosecute accident claims

Schedule of Compensation per Line

Description Local International
Death (following Travel Accident) ₦2m ₦5m
Permanent Disability as a result Travel Accident ₦2m ₦5m
Emergency Medical Cost Following Travel Accident ₦0.5m ₦1m
Loss of Personal Luggage Following Travel Accident ₦0.15m ₦0.25m
Any other Physical Severance Following Travel Accident per scale per scale
Burial & Funeral Expenses Following Travel Accident ₦0.1m ₦0.25m
Pains & Suffering from Hijack ₦0.25m ₦0.5m
Medical Expenses ₦0.25m ₦0.5m

Distance Cover Premium Line

Description Local International
One Month ₦1,000 ₦2,000
Three Months ₦2,000 ₦5,000
Six Months ₦3,000 ₦7,500
One Year ₦5,000 ₦10,000

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